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HSC brings Infrastructural Pipeline Safety to the Next Level with Digital Solutions

The increased amount of manual paperwork due to their safety processes was leading to a downtrend in efficiency, time, and profit. HSC Pipeline Engineering foresaw the impact of these challenges in the long run and decided to overcome this by digitising their Safety work processes. Discover how they embarked in this digitisation journey.

HSC Pipeline Engineering Electronic PTW system
by admin , 19 January 2021


Digitisation as a means of moving forward – for HSC Pipeline Engineering, this statement resonates with them. With the era of technology on the rise, the benefits of adopting digital solutions and their growing importance come to the forefront.

Starting out as a humble subcontractor, HSC Pipeline Engineering has grown into one of the most renown gas transmission pipeline contractors in Singapore; but with huge growth comes bigger challenges. The increased amount of manual safety paperwork (e.g. Permit-to-Works) becomes a problem for their management, which led to a downtrend in efficiency, time wastage, and profit.

HSC foresaw that these difficulties would cost them in the longer term and decided to go ahead with digitising their work processes, with Hubble’s Safety Management System as the solution of choice. Through this implementation, they were able to realise a significant increase in their workforce’s productivity.



Streamlining processes with Hubble Safety Management System’s electronic Permit-to-Work (PTW)

With Hubble’s Permit-to-Work system, HSC’s operational processes related to safety management were cut in half, saving and money, allowing HSC to allocate these resources to more important tasks.

“But as of all changes, generally, people were quite resistant to this change.” 

– Mr. Shane Shi, Managing Director

The digital transformation in HSC did not come easy, as construction is a very traditional industry where new technologies and ideas may not  ‘fit in’. But with the help and collaboration of everyone involved, this change was eventually embraced, producing an overall increase in acceptance on the importance of digitisation in the industry.

To find out more about how HSC Pipeline Engineering matured with digitisation as a company, download the full case study here.

HSC Pipeline Engineering Safety system Case Study download


If you wish to learn more about Hubble Safety Management System, feel free to schedule a free product demo with us now!

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