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Industrial Building Construction Management

Your Industrial Construction Processes Just Got Leaner

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Kimly Construction company in Singapore

How Kimly Construction utilise Hubble

Kimly used Hubble to achieve consistent standards and ensure worker safety over 50,000m2 of warehousing space in JTC Logistic Hub @ Gul.

Getting accurate and reliable project data is crucial

With the Hubble construction management  platform, digital technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), QR contactless technology, GPS geofencing, and tracking are integrated to simplify this process and help the project team make data-driven decisions during the design, construction and operation of a building. As a result, stakeholders can collaborate more effectively, construction efficiency can be improved, construction mistakes can be minimised, and costly rework can be reduced.

Collaborate together and improve construction safety and quality while reducing costs.

Connected Teams

An easy-to-use construction management platform that enables field and office teams to connect more quickly.

Enhance the efficiency of the project

Ensure that your team has access to up-to-date project data to increase their speed and efficiency.

Provide quality assurance

Leverage on data analytics to prevent safety and quality issues before they occur.

Key Capabilities for Industrial Construction

Safety Management

Improve the safety of your project sites by tracking inspection progress, permit-to-work, and incidents in real-time.

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Quality Management

Ensures a high quality outcome by reporting and managing defects on the go, and minimising rectification times.

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Workforce Management

Improve your workforce management efficiency with real-time command and control from anywhere so you can gain a full understanding of their performance and plan wisely.

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Examples of industrial construction types

Logistics and Warehousing Facility
Heavy Industry

Different Fields, One Solution

Building better project outcomes across all types of construction with one integrated platform