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How to boost profits and productivity with Hubble One

Time is of the utmost importance in the construction industry, but there are many factors that could lead to a delay in project completion. Effective digital solutions are able to help you prepare for any potential delays, prevent them, and in turn, profit.

Hubble data-driven approach to prevent covid
by Darren , 26 November 2020


Time is of the utmost importance in the construction industry, but there are many factors (e.g. inefficient project management and administration issues) that could lead to a delay in project completion. Solutions that aim to solve this problem effectively are able to help you prepare for any potential delays, prevent them, and in turn, maximise profit.

Hubble One is one such solution.

As the information that main contractors have to manage can be immense, our solution is extremely effective in helping you to manage your worksites efficiently, allowing your projects to run smoothly with minimum effort.

Here are 3 ways in which our system can help enhance productivity across your worksites:

#1 Increase visibility over your workforce across your projects

Hubble One gives control over construction workforce

Visibility is a crucial factor for effective manpower management, especially within a huge workforce, where incidents can easily go unnoticed. With Hubble One, we are able to provide you with an overview of your entire workforce so that you’ll never lose track of anyone.

All data is stored online and will be readily available to you any time.

With an overview of your workforce, you’ll be able to track manpower strength which gives you increased visibility on your workforce distribution and helps keep both your teams and your sub-contractors accountable. For example, if you notice a sudden drop in attendance rate of a particular sub-contractor, you’ll be able to immediately take action to address the problem.

Furthermore, we are also able to help you always stay compliant with the BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria by pinpointing the number of active SDOs & SMOs at your worksites in real-time, and this can also help you to be ever prepared to clear any spot checks by BCA inspectors.

#2 Increase manpower control and anticipate possible incidents

Hubble One manpower strength dashboard

Hubble One’s dashboard allows you to see trends across all your worksites, and even down to the project and subcontractor’s level. As they get plotted down, you’ll be able to see any incident and its whereabouts.

This greatly increases your ability to control your projects and teams.

For example, if you notice a sudden downtrend in your manpower strength or a spike in the number of MCs due to COVID related symptoms being reported by a particular subcontractor of yours, you will be able to immediately revoke their access to the project sites until they rectify the situation. This helps to prevent a possible outbreak of a disease within your worksite and of any potential stop-work orders.

Stay one step ahead at all times and strike preemptively by closing off the affected zones, or even quarantining individuals, and in turn prevent delays at your worksite.

#3 Supporting you in more ways than one

Auto-generate BCA mandated reports and ePSS

We help ease the tediousness of filling out reports by providing you with the ability to auto-generate them. However, not only is it used to shorten the time taken for administrative purposes, but we are also able to provide you data in real-time to support you with your workforce management.

We are able to break down workers’ locations by zones and accurately depict where your workers were and for how long. This data provided can support you immensely to make sure that your workforce remains accountable and safe.

Because you’ll be able to generate and extract the data for yourself at any time, this allows you to always be well-equipped and prepared for both submission and internal analysis.


“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle”

Being prepared on all fronts will bring you decisive victories without having to face many adversities. With Hubble One, you’ll be able to reap huge rewards through the prevention of unwanted situations from happening and see an increase in your workforce’s productivity. Conquer the battlefield without lifting a finger.

Profit efficiently with Hubble One.

Click here to learn more about Hubble One System

(Hubble One has more to offer in terms of helping you with your projects, such as the ability to auto-generate reports for BCA submissions and audits. If you would like a product demo, feel free to schedule a live product demo with us!)


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