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Hubble named one of the Top 50 Promising Construction Tech Startups!

From a humble team to being selected as one of the World’s Top 50 Promising ConTech Startups of 2020, this journey is all only possible thanks to you – our customers.

by admin , 18 December 2020


Since 2017, CEMEX Ventures, the Venture Capital and innovation unit of CEMEX S.A.B., has been helping to solve the construction industry’s challenges by connecting new, innovative, and engaging solutions to construction stakeholders from all over the World.

We are proud to announce that Hubble has been selected by CEMEX Ventures as the TOP 50 Global Construction Tech Startups of 2020.

This is all only possible thanks to all our supporters throughout the years.

World’s top digital solutions to solve Industry’s key challenges

Each year, CEMEX Ventures seeks out top start-ups that provide disruptive and promising solutions globally, with a key focus on 4 main categories: Safety & Sustainability, Supply Chain, Productivity, and finally, New materials & construction methods.

These are considered as the cornerstones that will transform the construction industry into one that is more sustainable, profitable, and productive.


Proudly representing Singapore ConTech sector on the global stage

Since 2016, Hubble has been helping more than 4,500 projects across Singapore and ASEAN countries to transform their work processes into more productive and streamlined ones. Our work has also impacted thousands of migrant workers across ASEAN and continues to bring in more stakeholders onto a digital future.

Through our constant drive towards innovation and the tremendous support of our clients, we are proud to have been selected as one of the most promising solutions for the Construction Supply Chain, representing Singapore in the global construction technology environment.

Our end-to-end Integrated Construction Digital Platform – the Hubble Platform – has been recognized as a disruptive innovation that will help digitise, optimise, and automate work processes across the entire building lifecycle. Our technology also helps unify all project stakeholders on a single integrated platform for better data exchanges.

We are proud to bring Singapore onto the world map of construction technology and will continue to develop more innovative and impactful solutions that solve your challenges and build better cities of tomorrow.



(For full details about the Hubble Platform and how our solutions help solve your company’s challenges, contact our team for more details.)

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