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Get your Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) Grant with Hubble’s
IMDA pre-approved COVID-Safe hardware and software technologies.

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BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria compliance made easy.

To help contractors defray the costs of integrated hardware and software for a safe reopening and continuation of their project sites, IMDA and BCA have announced the Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) Grant and appointed Hubble as the project lead of the program.

We help contractors implement COVID-Safe Restart hardware and software at the project sites, and ensure integration with the BCA’s BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform for management of the Safe Management Measures (SMM).

This will facilitate your compliance process with BCA COVID-Safe Restart Criteria and automate the mandated administrative tasks.

The ADS grant provides you with an 80% grant subsidy for your COVID-Safe hardware and software procurement – no need to pay upfront and claim your grant, you only need to pay 20% of the cost right away!

IMDA’s pre-approved hardware & software

to ensure Safe Management Measures at your sites

Hubble’s COVIDSafe Restart Technologies are developed to meet
all your operational & COVID-Safe Restart compliance needs.
Our solutions include:

Thermal Scanner with Facial Recognition

A.I. Camera

Bluetooth wearables

Hubble One (for COVID-Safe Restart compliance)

Hubble Safety (for remote Safety processes)

Hubble Quality (for digital Quality processes)

Hubble One’s Key Features

Ensure only healthy & authorised personnel can access worksites

Worksites' and personnel's movement & access control

Digital visitor registration & management

Ensure crowd control, Safe Distance Measures, Contact tracing & Remote monitoring

Data Insights across all projects to pre-empt risks of non-compliance

Generates BCA's mandated COVID-Safe Restart reports

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Hubble One

Hubble One

BCA COVID-Safe Restart Criteria compliance made easy. Fulfil all requirements with minimal effort.
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Manage and monitor your worksites’ safety in real time on the most advanced system.
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Manage your construction worksites' defects, inspections and safety analytics in real time.
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Get real-time visibility of your workforce attendance and deployment across worksites.
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Get real-time information about the progress of your construction project sites.
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