We’re proud to have our founders Shijing SJ Lin and Peter Kristianto Widjaja featured on this piece by Tech in Asia!

Read on to learn more about the hidden intricacies of the construction industry – and the immense potential of end-to-end construction management platforms like Hubble to streamline the multiple disparate parts and processes in a typical construction project.

The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted by Tech in Asia with our founders and published on 19 July 2021. Read the full piece on Tech in Asia here.

Construction projects are a familiar sight in Singapore – it’s almost impossible to go about the city without seeing new roads, buildings, expressways, or train stations under development every day. But the actual construction process goes far deeper than what we know and see, and its concealed intricacy is a large reason for the industry’s slow digitalization.

The sector’s growth in productivity has trailed behind other segments for decades, with an average annual growth of only 1% – as compared to 2.8% for the total world economy.

Lin Shijing, co-founder of Singapore-based end-to-end construction management software firm Hubble, believes the trouble lies in the complexity of construction, where poor data transfer leads to reworks and wasted materials. This is exacerbated by the fact that most construction projects are still managed primarily via paper-based processes.

“An average six-block condominium project, based on our data, would need about four years to complete and five to six years in the current Covid-19 environment,” Lin asserts. “In that time, you will have worked with at least a thousand different workers and at least 70 different subcontractors.”