Keeping track of the fully vaccinated - why stickers and wearable bands are not enough

Occupiers of Singapore-based construction sites and employers – such as main contractors and subcontractors – are now required to check the vaccination statuses of all personnel and bar those who are not fully vaccinated or whose fully vaccinated statuses have lapsed from entering worksites.

What companies are currently doing

Construction companies have so far employed various methods of keeping track of the workers’ vaccination statuses including:

  • Maintaining some form of record of each worker’s vaccination information (such as brand of vaccine and dates each shot was received);
  • Deploying manpower at entry points to stop and check the vaccination statuses of every incoming worker or visitor;
  • Implementation of visual markers – such as coloured stickers on workers’ helmets or clothing, wrist and arm bands – to ensure that they can, at a glance, keep track of who is vaccinated or not.

The challenges with such methods

  • Following the Government’s announcement earlier this year that maintaining one’s fully vaccinated status in Singapore would require a booster shot (taken no later than 270 days after the last dose of the primary vaccination series), additional administrative work is required to regularly check the workers’ vaccination records and ensure those who are due to receive a booster get one before their fully vaccinated status lapses.
  • The process of stopping and physically checking hundreds or even thousands of workers’ vaccination statuses will inevitably lead to delays and long queues of people waiting to enter the worksite.
  • Visual markers are susceptible to tampering given how easily they can be removed and subsequently lost, mixed up or exchanged between workers.

The need to be boostered

The decision to introduce a validity period for what it means to be fully vaccinated makes sense, given emerging data from international studies indicating that the vaccine’s protection against sever symptoms wanes over time and that it would be unrealistic to expect one’s full vaccination status to last in perpetuity.

On 24th March 2022, the Singapore Government announced that a second booster, to be administered around five months after the first, would be made available to the elderly and those who are immunocompromised or suffering severe chronic illnesses. This would ensure that the more vulnerable among us – including those who are unable to receive any vaccine for medical reasons – continue to be protected. While there are currently no plans to extend the second booster to the rest of the population yet, the Government has said that it may do so as the situation evolves.

A fully vaccinated, well-protected workforce would be far better equipped to continue operating safely, ensuring business continuity as more and more countries open up and resume activities.

Here is the fool-proof solution

  • Automate your vaccination management!
    • Update relevant information on one secure and central database
    • Ability to set vaccination validity period provides full flexibility for use at worksites anywhere in the world – not just Singapore – and accommodates any change in requirements in the future so you stay compliant with the latest government regulations, no matter what.
    • Keep track of your workers’ vaccination statuses in real-time and receive timely reminders when boosters are due
    • Generate reports with ease!
  • Sync your vaccination management system with your worksite access control equipment and automatically bar personnel who are not fully vaccinated from entering your worksites directly at the point of entry!
    • This ensures only authorised, healthy and fully vaccinated workers enter the worksite;
    • Frees up manpower deployed at entry points, minimising unnecessary physical contact and;
    • Eliminates bottlenecks during peak periods

Not sure where to start?

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