Crossing industries has always been looked upon with uncertainty and worries, but for some others, it brings about a sense of fulfillment. Making the jump from construction to technology is somewhat unprecedented, but for some of our Hubblers, they broke grounds and set out on a mission to unify both worlds.

Joining us here today in our Hubble Newsroom, we have our very own Meili (Business Development Manager) and Eunice (Product Manager) to share with us about their experience with Hubble.


1. What made you decide to make the jump? 

Eunice: Coming from an architectural background, I only saw things from a consultant’s perspective and not from any of the other stakeholders. 

That limited me in understanding how the industry works, and for me, I wanted to grow and learn from different perspectives. When I heard about what Hubble was doing and of the exposure that I could get, I was immediately intrigued and joined shortly after.


Meili: I actually liked buildings and construction a lot since I was a young girl, and I always felt a sense of satisfaction whenever I see a building emerging ‘from the ground to the skies’. 

I’ve always been told that it would be difficult to ease into the industry as this has traditionally been very male-dominated, but I pushed for a chance to be a part of it and I joined shortly after graduation. I’ve always been very proud of that. 

I’ve taken on many different roles since then, from working with contractors to vendors and suppliers. I realised that there was a lot of paperwork to go through on a daily basis: from chasing contractors to getting progress reports and delays, to the management reports. I knew that this was not sustainable in the long run but the protocol was king, and so I set out to find some way to solve this problem.

I eventually came across Hubble who had the same vision and goal as me, which was to digitise the construction process and make it more efficient.


2. How has the experience been so far?

Eunice: I’ve learned a lot of things about technology from the different engineers in our team, like Peter (CTO of Hubble) and Julius (VP of Engineering of Hubble) and I also learned how to empathise better with our users because previously, I’ve always looked at things from a consultant’s perspective.

There are many things to understand about the different views across all stakeholders, like for example: the kind of pain points they have, how we’re able to help address them, the level of privacy in certain matters that they needed to process, etc. Learning all that really helped me in my growth as a professional.

Overall, it has been very enriching in helping me to understand both the technology and construction industry.


Meili: It’s always rather busy and hectic, but the whole team works together very well. 

I’ve also used and applied a lot of my past experiences from working in the construction industry into my current role and have grown a lot since my construction days. It brings great satisfaction to me whenever I see clients digitising and transforming their work processes, and in turn, making them more competitive.

Additionally, being able to see the results of digitisation in the industry brings me great joy as well.


3. What is your fondest memory of Hubble?

Eunice: During the BCA CovidSafe Platform (CSP) project, our current Senior Product Manager, Simon, had just joined the team. 

I really appreciated that he took a lot of his time (gracefully) to mentor me on product development, taught me certain things about technology, how to manage both design and product, and enabled me to learn much faster and much more organised than before.

The people here are what make up most of my fondest memories so far.


Meili: On several occasions, we would have regular dinner and/or beer nights, which was always fun. It really helps us to destress and bond together before we head back home, and we would always feel re-energised as a team the next day.

Working together with the team is always a joy and I always look forward to seeing everyone every day.


4. Where do you see Hubble in the coming years? 

Eunice: I see Hubble as a leading construction-tech firm within the region. 

Everyone has big dreams in the company, and as long as everyone dreams collectively as a company, working towards a common goal, there will be massive growth for Hubble in the coming years.


Meili: Hubble will become a household name when people think of construction. 

We will be one of the greatest game-changing technology companies that will bring about a great revolution inside the construction industry. This will also become the industry that many people, both young and old, will want to go to/want to be in in this place; not just for this generation, but for the next, and so on.


So finally, we end off our mini-series with another deep-dive into Eunice and Mei Li’s lives at Hubble thus far, and as we conclude the final part of our ‘Life@Hubble’, we would like to reach out to you once again and invite you to join us here at Hubble – work with us to unify construction, and to building better cities of tomorrow.