From intern to engineering leader: Hubble believes in nurturing talents to maximise their potential. We constantly strive to provide everyone with an environment that not only challenges you but also empowers you to become better Hubblers of tomorrow. 

Joining us here today in our Hubble Newsroom, we have our very own Minh Nhat Phan (Senior Software Engineer) to share with us about his experience with Hubble.

1. How was the internship like – what did you do? 

Nhat: The internship was very enjoyable and meaningful. I had the opportunity to gain professional working experience as a student, and I also managed to make an impactful contribution to the company’s product and business, which my previous internships and university did not provide. 

I helped build the very first version of the Hubble Workforce Management System, and have fine-tuned it with my team into the product you know as of today. I also integrated a facial recognition hardware device into our system, and although it’s not used today, it still gave us a lot of experience and confidence when we integrate new hardware today

All in all, I would say that it was a very unique and engaging internship.

2. What made you decide to convert to full-time?

Nhat: I love the people and the culture at Hubble. 

Everyone in the team is very approachable, hard-working, open-minded, and enthusiastic. Shijing (CEO of Hubble) and my other supervisors also appreciated everyone’s ideas and contributions, even though we were all very young. If the idea is good and will make the product and team better, it will be taken in, regardless of who said it. 

As a fresh graduate at the time, I knew that I was inexperienced and had much to learn, however, Hubble provided a wonderful environment for me to grow as an engineer and to make significant contributions to the team.

3. What is your fondest memory of Hubble?

Nhat: There are many fond memories that I have with Hubble, but the one event that stood out for me was when we had our corporate retreat at Bintan Island in Indonesia. 

We had many meetings where we discussed the company’s visions, goals, strategies, best practices, etc. At the same time, we also had lots of activities and fun. We did rock climbing and kayaking for team bonding, we also played soccer, ate BBQ, watched UEFA European Championship matches, and played card games at night. 

After the trip, we knew more about each other and it helped us to work better as a team.

4. Where do you see Hubble in the coming years? 

Nhat: I think with the talented people and experience Hubble has, our product will improve and scale very fast.

Hubble will be able to set the standard in the region of how construction building processes should be digitised, automated, and integrated with the latest technologies. We will definitely be able to unify construction through technology.

On the engineering side, we will have more systems and teams, and although there will be a whole new set of challenges, I believe that it will be interesting and rewarding for everyone to tackle them and formulate the solution together.


We hope Nhat’s riveting story has inspired you just as we had. As we conclude the second interview of our 3-part mini-series into ‘Life@Hubble’, we would like to reach out to you again and invite you to join us here at Hubble – work with us to unify construction, and to building better cities of tomorrow.