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Back to NewsroomBoosting Construction Productivity: ePSS and Hubble Workforce Management System Integration
August 24, 2023By Belle Sie

ePSS and Hubble Workforce Management System Integration: Boosting Construction Productivity

Imagine a bustling construction site with cranes hoisting materials, workers hustling to complete tasks, and deadlines looming. Amidst this controlled chaos, a critical challenge often goes unnoticed - the smooth submission of data through the Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS). For construction companies, this process is not just paperwork; it is a vital juncture where the accurate submission of data powers performance insights, regulatory compliance, and overall project success. 

As each data form and field are submitted in ePSS, the potential for inaccuracies to arise grows, raising concerns regarding productivity reporting, compliance, and the industry's broader efficiency. What if there were a way to navigate these challenges seamlessly and use technology to build a brighter future in construction?

Call for Digital Transformation: Accelerating the Construction Industry

In today's rapid technological advancement, the construction industry is undergoing a significant transformation. By adopting digitalisation, the industry can improve its efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Recent events have acted as catalysts, accelerating the pace of technology adoption even in traditionally slow-moving sectors. This acceleration is a testament to the undeniable benefits that embracing new technologies can yield.

The construction sector's productivity in 2021 is at 0.451, and its productivity growth has remained stagnant at 1% for two decades—highlighting a stark contrast with the global economy's 2.8% growth. However, initiatives like the Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) and the Building and Construction Industry Transformation Map introduced in 2022 have ignited a vision for a digital era in the industry. These initiatives place emphasis on Integrated Digital DeliverySmart Facilities Management, and a comprehensive digital transformation that holds the potential to reshape the construction landscape.

Role of ePSS and BAS in the Construction Landscape

A cornerstone of the construction industry's transformation is the ePSS by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). ePSS enables regulatory compliance, enhances accountability, improves transparency, and increases productivity. Collecting comprehensive data on construction projects allows regulators to monitor performance, identify industry trends, develop informed policies, and allocate resources efficiently. This mandatory monthly submission applies to building works that:

  • Occupy a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 5000 m2 or more
  • Have been submitted for Planning Permission on or after 1 November 2014
  • New building projects, upgrading projects, and A&A projects

Furthermore, in accordance with Regulation 10(a) of the Building Control (Buildability and Productivity) Regulations 2011, construction companies are mandated to implement Biometric Authentication Systems (BAS) involving hardware systems for improved reliability and efficiency in collecting Construction Productivity Data.

However, the path of submitting data through ePSS isn't without its challenges for construction companies, encompassing data accuracy, technical intricacies, and user adoption. In the subsequent sections, this article will skillfully navigate these ePSS challenges and spotlight how a digital workforce management system can adeptly streamline data consolidation.

Navigating ePSS Data Submission Challenges with Hubble

Data Accuracy and Completeness

Ensuring that all necessary data fields are accurately and completely filled out can be difficult. Inaccuracies or omissions can result in discrepancies in productivity reporting and potential compliance issues.

Hubble's Manpower Directory Module offers a dynamic solution to this challenge. The module ensures that the right workers are assigned to the appropriate activities by accurately matching workers' competencies to specific tasks and roles. This feature minimises errors from mismatched skillsets and enhances data submission accuracy through ePSS.

Manual Data Entry

Construction projects involve many data points; manually entering this extensive data can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This is especially true when dealing with large-scale projects.

The Hubble Workforce Management System streamlines data collection by automating the capture of workforce data, reducing the reliance on manual entry. As a result, the likelihood of errors caused by manual input decreases significantly, even for large-scale projects.

Data Security and Privacy Concerns 

When submitting construction project information electronically, ensuring data security and compliance with privacy regulations is a significant concern. This information may include worker details and project specifications.

The Security and Access Module is vital in mitigating data security and privacy concerns. Integrating biometric facial recognition scanners ensures secure identity verification and reduces the risk of unauthorised access. Compliance with privacy regulations is further fortified through the secure digital management of worker profiles and records.

Additionally, the Manpower Attendance Module is seamlessly integrated with BAS, forging a formidable alliance that eradicates fraudulent sign-ins, automates precise time and attendance tracking, and fortifies data security. Organisations could also easily extract man-day data reports from the system that are tailored to the ePSS requirements. This integration involves the unification of essential hardware systems, according to BCA’s BAS requirements:

  • Biometric readers strategically positioned at worksite entrances and exits for seamless electronic monitoring and constant tracking of manpower utilisation throughout the project
  • Rugged, enduring design tailored for the demanding construction environment, ensuring consistent, dependable performance
  • Swift, secure sensors that capture and validate unique physiological traits with accuracy
  • Achieving swift throughput with a maximum clearance time of 1 minute for every 10 persons at each controlled access point

Data Volume and Complexity

Large-scale construction projects generate large amounts of data, making it challenging to organise, manage, and submit it accurately and efficiently.

Hubble's Dashboard Module simplifies data management for construction companies by providing real-time insights and reports on attendance trends and utilisation statistics.

Data Entry Duplication

Data might need to be entered into multiple systems or platforms, e.g. time attendance system, leading to duplication of efforts and increased chances of errors.

The Manpower Scheduling Module's automation features directly tackle data entry duplication. The system centralises data entry by assigning signed-in work hours to specific project sites and dynamically managing workforce scheduling. This reduces the chances of duplicated efforts across multiple systems or platforms.

Time Constraints

Construction projects often operate on tight schedules. The time required for data entry and submission through ePSS might be seen as an additional burden.

The Hubble Workforce Management System significantly reduces the time spent on workforce management manual administrative tasks by automating scheduling, tracking, and attendance processes. This addresses time constraints and allows construction professionals to focus on critical project activities.

Use Technology to Build a Brighter Future in Construction

Transform your construction industry with the Hubble Workforce Management System. Its modules streamline data entry, enhance accuracy, safeguard privacy, eliminate duplication, reduce time constraints, and fortify data verification. Hubble seamlessly integrates biometric technology, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive reporting to empower construction companies to navigate the complexities of the ePSS submission process with unmatched precision. As a steadfast partner in the journey toward efficiency and compliance, Hubble shapes a future where the construction industry thrives on seamless data submission, increased productivity, and regulatory excellence. 

Schedule a demo to learn how Hubble could enhance your organisation's productivity today.

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