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Back to NewsroomSwee Builders leverages Hubble's Safety Management System for construction projects, improving safety and efficiency.
May 10, 2024By Belle Sie

Hubble Supports Swee Builders in Construction Safety and Efficiency

We are delighted to announce that Swee Builders has joined us as our newest client. Swee Builders, a multidisciplinary engineering firm, offers fully integrated services for civil engineering works, infrastructure construction, building construction, and oil and gas related infrastructure. With nearly two decades of experience, Swee Builders has provided design and build expertise to leading players in various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and civil engineering projects within both private and public sectors.

Swee Builders has chosen the Hubble Safety Management System for their repair and remediation works projects for JTC Corporation and the Land Transport Authority (LTA), underscoring their dedication to quality and safety.

The projects undertaken by Swee Builders in collaboration with JTC Corporation and LTA are essential for the maintenance and improvement of Singapore's infrastructure. From repair and remediation works to the upgrading of selected vehicular underpasses, Swee Builders is committed to delivering high-quality construction solutions.

Swee Builders also wisely utilised the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) to integrate the Hubble Safety Management System into their projects, reducing financial strain and allowing them to allocate more resources to critical aspects of their projects. 

Hubble is honoured to support Swee Builders in their construction endeavours. As Swee Builders continues to uphold their reputation for excellence, Hubble is dedicated to providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed.

Schedule a demo with us to see how we can support your construction site safety processes.

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