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Back to NewsroomHubble Platform Launches in Thailand with Nomura Real Estate Development
February 26, 2024By Belle Sie

Hubble Platform Launches in Thailand with Nomura Real Estate Development

In a groundbreaking move, Hubble Platform has successfully launched in Thailand in collaboration with Nomura Real Estate Development. Nomura, recognised for outstanding projects like So Origin Kaset InterchangeSo Origin Phahol 69 Station, and SOHO Bangkok Ratchada, is piloting the Hubble Platform to revolutionise their construction management processes.

Efficiency and Precision Redefined

Acknowledging the need for modern solutions in condominium construction, Nomura identified challenges in traditional paperwork-based systems, leading them to adopt the Hubble Quality Management System and Hubble Handover Management System as part of a pioneering effort to digitise workflows and streamline construction project management. 

The transition from hardcopy paperwork to digital platforms has proven to be a game-changer for Nomura. With the Hubble Platform in place, the creation of inspection reports has become swift and seamless. The ability to update defect statuses with accompanying photos empowers Nomura to maintain meticulous records and facilitates clear communication across teams.

Nomura's Impressive Satisfaction Score

Nomura's satisfaction score of 8 out of 10 underscores the tangible benefits derived from utilising the Hubble Platform. These improvements have paved the way for smoother project execution and enhanced quality control, positioning Nomura as a leader in the industry.

Driving Efficiency and Excellence Internationally

This success story not only showcases the effectiveness of Hubble's solutions in Thailand but also emphasises Hubble's commitment to supporting international projects. As Nomura continues to redefine standards and push the boundaries of architectural innovation, they stand as a testament for companies to explore the limitless possibilities unleashed by forward-thinking solutions like Hubble.

Reach out to us today to find out how our Hubble Platform could transform your organisation’s construction management today.

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