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Back to NewsroomInnovating delivery with Hubble: Kajima's Global Hub Project
February 14, 2023By Belle Sie

Innovating Delivery with Hubble: Kajima's Global Hub Project

“We evaluated many solutions in Singapore, and we understood that Hubble is the best solution for implementing Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) in our projects.” — Dr. Chae Sounghoe, Chief Research Engineer, Kajima Corporation.

The Kajima Global Hub was an audacious construction undertaking, involving multiple stakeholders and an intricate supply chain to manage. When the pandemic erupted and in-person gatherings became difficult, Kajima had to devise a strategy to keep the project advancing.

That's where Hubble came in. Appointed as the Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) platform for the Kajima Global Hub, Hubble facilitated continuous collaboration among the stakeholders and digital exchange of data and progress status, even when they were functioning from remote locations.

Kajima fully adopted the Hubble platform, integrating the full construction management software suite, which included Hubble Workforce Management System, Hubble Safety Management System, Hubble Quality Management System, Hubble Fabrication Management System, and also building the innovative Hubble Pay that employed 5D BIM to simplify cost estimates and progress claims.

The results were amazing. During the span of 18 months, Kajima achieved 13,000 permit-to-work, 3,500 equipment inspections, and 5,000 toolbox meetings - a 50% augmentation in their operational efficiency. Hubble also assisted in the tracking of more than 3,700 prefabricated components from production to delivery to installation, enhancing accountability and visibility throughout the value chain.

Real-time data collection enabled comprehensive analysis and prediction, and the many data obtained on Hubble were assimilated into the R&D of 5D BIM, allowing Kajima to monitor progress and payments, keeping the project on time and within budget.

This is a story of how Kajima, with the help of Hubble's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD), overcame the impediments brought about by the pandemic and made their daring project a reality, with more than 1 million man hours and 1800 personnel monitored on the Hubble Workforce Management System. An absolute testament to the potency of technology in construction.

Reach out to us today to discover more about Hubble's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD). 

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