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Back to NewsroomPenta Ocean Construction and JTC’s Offshore Marine Centre 2 Project: How Hubble.Build is changing the game
May 17, 2023By Belle Sie

Penta Ocean Construction and JTC’s Offshore Marine Centre 2 Project: How Hubble.Build is changing the game

In the world of offshore construction, time and safety are everything. To prevent any misstep and financial losses in such projects, it is essential to have an effective quality and workforce management system in place.

Penta Ocean Construction, one of Japan’s largest construction companies, teamed up with JTC Corporation, Singapore’s leading industrial infrastructure developer, to work on the Offshore Marine Centre 2 (OMC2) project. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Penta Ocean Construction has benefitted from the Hubble Workforce Management System and Quality Management System on completing JTC’s OMC2 project.

What is the OMC2 Project

Located along Tuas Western Coast, the OMC2 project involves the construction of a 7.5ha state-of-the-art facility that will serve as a hub for the offshore marine and oil & gas industries in Singapore. It will feature a range of facilities, such as a deepwater quay, a heavy-lift platform, and a fabrication yard.

Additionally, OMC2 is one of Singapore’s first Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) projects, which leverages advanced digital technologies to streamline the construction process and enhance collaboration among project stakeholders. With this approach, all project data, from design to construction, is stored and managed in a centralised digital platform. This allows for seamless coordination between the project team, leading to increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved project outcomes.

Importance of Workforce Management System in Offshore Construction

Without a reliable and effective workforce, a project can quickly fall behind schedule and suffer from quality issues. Utilising Hubble’s Workforce Management System, Penta Ocean Construction has managed up to 1700 workers with real-time monitoring of their locations, detailed insights on their productivity and identified areas of improvement.

Role of Quality Management System in Offshore Construction

Quality is critical in any construction project, but it is especially important in offshore construction. Any quality issues can have disastrous consequences, including project delays and safety hazards. To ensure that the OMC2 project meets the highest standards of quality, Penta Ocean Construction are using Hubble’s Quality Management System. To date, over 2300 quality inspections have been conducted, ensuring quick rectification of any potential quality issues.

“Hubble presented a comprehensive platform that addresses the various gaps between construction and technology, and being based here in Singapore, they understand the context of the Singapore construction industry better.”

Ms. Michelle Lee, Digital Delivery Manager, Penta-Ocean Construction Pte Ltd


In conclusion, the OMC2 project represents a significant shift towards leveraging advanced digital technologies to enhance collaboration and efficiency in the offshore construction industry. Through their partnership with Hubble.Build, Penta Ocean Construction was able to elevate their workforce and quality management systems to new heights, setting a benchmark for innovative and cutting-edge construction practices. If you're interested in learning more about how we can transform your construction process, contact us today!

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