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Back to NewsroomStreamlining the Redevelopment of Singapore’s Shaw Tower with Hubble.Build’s Digital Solutions
April 25, 2023By Belle Sie

Streamlining the Redevelopment of Singapore’s Shaw Tower with Hubble.Build’s Digital Solutions

Lendlease partnered with Hubble.Build to manage the redevelopment of Shaw Tower in Singapore. Using Hubble's digital construction management solutions, Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Hyundai E&C), the main contractor responsible for the construction, ensured a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective project delivery.

Shaw Tower's advanced design includes 435,000 square feet of high-quality office space with stunning views of the CBD, as well as a five-story podium with retail and F&B options, including a rooftop restaurant. It is a leading example of sustainable and energy-efficient building design, achieving over 60% energy savings compared to 2005 levels and is the first grade A commercial building in Singapore to earn the prestigious Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy certification under the latest Green Mark 2021 standards. 

To facilitate efficient management of non-conformities, corrective actions, and preventive actions, Hubble Platform offers the following management systems:

  • Hubble Safety Management System - This system helps Hyundai E&C maintained worksite safety though features such as custom checklists, GPS tracking, and digital sign-offs. So far, it has facilitated 8295 permit-to-work passes, conducted 5930 toolbox meetings, and 2994 safety inspections.
  • Hubble Quality Management System - This system enables both Lendlease and Hyundai E&C with complete project quality control by tracking defects, providing insights, and facilitating on-the-go inspections. To date, it has conducted 194 quality inspections with over 800 personnel onsite representing 18 different contractors, including Lendlease.

Overall, Hubble.Build’s digital construction management solutions helped Hyundai E&C achieve their goals for the Shaw Tower project. If you’re looking for digital construction management solutions, Hubble.Build is the perfect choice to deliver your project with success. Schedule a demo with us today!

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