Hubble Platform

Hubble Workforce Management System

Custom Built for Construction HR Software

Managing your workforce has never been easier.

With real-time visibility of your workforce’s attendance and deployment across all work sites, Hubble Workforce helps you to improve efficiency and increase accountability. Say goodbye to messy paperwork and say hello to a Smart Worksite!

Hubble Workforce Management System

Scalable Construction HRM Modules

We provide you with real- time command and control of your manpower any time, anywhere. Hubble Workforce Management System comes with 5 powerful modules for your construction human resource management tasks, providing you with a fully integrated, end-to-end experience.

GPS Geofencing and Tracking

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Know where your workers are in real-time

Track your workers’ GPS location whenever they sign-in onto the platform. Our geo-fencing technology allows you to instantly define your project site boundaries in any part of the world.

Get alerted when workers sign-in outside of their designated project sites. We work on all web and mobile devices – with integration to your existing biometric turnstile.

Companies who adopt Hubble sees an immediate improvement in punctuality. Gain greater control and visibility over your greatest assets today!

Verify your workers’ identities with biometric facial recognition to eliminate buddy sign-ins

Hubble automates your attendance process and ensures your manpower will be where they are supposed to be. We will notify you if your workers try to sign in on behalf of another person. Foster a culture of accountability in your workforce today.

Optimise your workforce

Optimise your manpower allocation with customisable shift and get real-time update of their basic hours worked and accumulated OT hours.

Gain greater control and visibility over your greatest assets today. Companies who adopt Hubble sees an immediate improvement in punctuality.

Let us run your payroll for you

We automate all types of salary computation to allow you to pay accurately and free from human errors.

We handle all overtime hours calculation so that you never have to lift your finger again.

Pay your workers with confidence based on accurate basic, overtime, and break times hours. We will also help to automate the pro-rating of salary based on your configured shift type and salary rate.

Configurable to suit all your needs

Our fully configurable system allows you to pay basic and overtime salary separately, make advance payment and define your own payroll cycle.

Give loans to your workers and automate your recurring allowances and deductions. We also allow you to customise your allowances and deductions for CPF, OW, AW, and taxation.

Never worry about making costly non-compliance errors. Hubble’s payroll module comes with automated CPF computation & e-Submission and is able to export IR8A online submission to IRAS (AIS compatible).

Reduce cost with reliable and transparent payments

With full automation, we help you to eliminate human errors and dishonest workforce behaviour and reduce your labour cost by at least *$200,000 per year

*for a company with 200 workers

Convenient leave application, approval & computation

Leave can now be approved or rejected instantly. Check on your leave balance in real time. The Hubble leave system is fully integrated with the payroll system to automate the pro-rating of salary computation.

Customise your leave policy any way you want

Need to customise your leave approval process and leave types? We’ve got your bases covered. The magic comes when leave entitlement is automatically computed based on MOM regulation.

Look ahead and forecast accurately

Things get dynamic on the worksite and you need all the information you can get to plan ahead. Use a flexible system that can keep up with you. Analyse, plan & schedule your workforce with ease using Hubble.

Cloud Based Employee Database

Get your workers’ information on demand. With everything stored in the cloud, you’ll never have to worry about losing documents or lacking access to information whenever you need it.

Know Your Worker Competency with Hubble Scorecard

Get deep insights of your worker’s performances, skills and character based on real time collected data from our platform such as task proficiency, safety hazard compliance, attendance and much more.

Keep your project on track and monitor your labour cost in real time

It’s important to have an overview of your daily labour cost based on actual working hours incurred and view all your direct and ancillary costs. Generate labour cost report to facilitate your progress claims.

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Generate Accurate Cost Reports

Generate reports to facilitate cross-management sharing and decision-making. Export workforce data into organised, excel-compatible reports including: Average work hours and over-time clocked; Labour Costs by Trade/Team/Project and Workforce Allocations (to each project site).

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