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Fulfil all COVID-Safe Restart Criteria requirements

Simplify the compliance process. Slash the legwork. Save time. As BCA’s official technology partner, Hubble provides one-stop service for you to comply with BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria.

Hubble One is part of Hubble’s COVIDSafe Restart Technologies, which are eligible for IMDA’s Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) Grant. Secure your grant today, book a meeting with us.


Restart safely and swiftly with Hubble

Full compliance.
Minimal effort.

Hubble One is built to simplify your compliance processes. The system helps you to manage all mandated COVID-Safe Restart Criteria and automates all your administrative tasks to ensure compliance – all on a single platform. The Hubble One system is in full compliance and is fully integrated with BCA’s BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform.

Restart safely and swiftly – we have got you covered.

Resume operations safely and swiftly with Hubble

Why use Hubble One?


Fully integrated to BCA’s BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform

Hubble One is fully integrated to BCA’s BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform, Singapore’s national database for COVID-19 control measures – developed and powered by Hubble’s technology.


Supports COVID-Safe hardware integration

such as Thermal Scanners with Facial Recognition technology, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) cameras, and Bluetooth wearables. Helping contractors ensure strict worksite access control, Safe Distancing Measures and contact tracing.


Ensure compliance with COVID-Safe Restart requirements

Hubble helps contractors to comply with BCA’s COVID-Safe Worksite and Workforce requirements and ensures quick and efficient implementation of Safe Management Measures (SMM).


Automate compliance report generation

Generate BCA’s mandated compliance report for your submissions, including Personnel Entering Site report, Builder / Occupier Daily Report, ePSS and more.

Restart safely & comply with COVID-Safe Restart Criteria

Hubble One's helps you to comply with the BCA's COVID-Safe Restart Criteria

Resume operations swiftly with Hubble

Explore Hubble One’s Features

Workers Whitelisting Module
Movement & Access Control Module
Visitor Management Module
Safe Distance, contact tracing & Remote Monitoring Module
Data insights Module
COVID-Safe Restart Reporting Module

Ensure only whitelisted personnel access project sites

Hubble One helps ensure only healthy and authorised personnel can access your worksites to prevent any COVID outbreaks. Eliminate the hassle of multiple-app worksite sign-in processes. Hubble One is a one-stop app that helps streamline your worksites’ access control and save time from tedious manual check-in procedures.

Your employees' information at your fingertips

Bulk import your existing database and onboard your company within minutes. Store and manage employees’ information, roles, assigned project, AccessCode status, health status and track your workers’ swab test dates and results and SDM compliance  – all in one system.

Reduce physical contact. Save time.

Using Hubble’s mobile app, workers can self-report their health status and body temperature, submit Medical Certificates, report COVID-related symptoms and test results at any time. This helps reduce physical contacts at your worksites and save your time from administrative work.

Track and record your workers' health status digitally

Track your workers’ AccessCode status, health status, body temperature and MCs in real-time. Store workers’ health status records online for quick contact tracing and compliance reporting purposes.

Integration with Singapore's national databases

Hubble One is fully integrated to the BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform, which holds information from BCA, MOM, MOH and GovTech. This allows auto-retrieval of employees’ and projects’ information from the Singapore national databases.

Full control over your worksites' access

Manage all workers’ access to your project sites with ease, including your subcontractors’ workers. Grant, revoke, remove access digitally and in real-time.

Easy and real-time access to workers’ movements

Track the movement history of your workers, from the accommodation to worksites, and vice versa. You can even track their movements during their daily commuting time. Allow workers self check-in/check-out, report body temperature and travel records.

Integration with thermal scanner & turnstile

Screen and record your personnel’s body temperature from thermal scanners. Hubble One verifies their ID, body temperature and AccessCode status, and allows only healthy and whitelisted personnel to enter the worksite.

Create work zones and segregate your workers into teams

Minimise physical contact between workers at your worksite, create work zones and segregate your workers into teams. Assign the segregated teams to their designated work zones within a minute.

Self-check-in/ check-out and self-declaration on mobile devices

Hubble allows visitors, including ad hoc deliveries and suppliers, to self-check-in/check-out and submit self-declaration directly on their mobile devices.

Minimise physical contact, digitise your visitor registration and documentation

Reduce physical contact. Reduce manual work. Save time. Let your worksites’ visitors check-in/check-out digitally, and eliminate manual visitor logbooks. Hubble will also issue digital visitor pass via email.

Track and manage visitors’ information and access online

Hubble One automatically compiles and submits the visitors’ entries and exits records for submission of the BCA’s Personnel Entering Site report. Records can be used for contact tracing and A&I purposes.

Ensure crowd control, enforce and monitor Safe Distancing Measures (SDM) remotely

Hubble’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology turns worksite’s cameras into smart cameras. It counts the number of people at your worksite and notifies you in real-time when site capacity is reached. Hubble’s A.I. technology also measures the distance between your workers to enforce the Safe Distancing Measure (SDM) at your project sites.

Enforce and monitor Safe Distancing MEasures (SDM) at all times

Experience a fast Bluetooth wearable assignment with Hubble’s Scan-and-Go process. The wearables will flash and beep to notify your workers when the safe distancing is not adhered to. Hubble One verifies workers’ ID, proximity data, and record all SDM infringements instantly.

Record and store SDM infringements on the cloud

Hubble One stores workers’ ID, proximity data and SDM infringements for an unlimited time for training and audit purposes. Access your data at any time, from anywhere.

Monitor all your projects, contractors and workers in real-time

Hubble’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology turns worksite’s cameras into smart cameras. It counts the number of people at your worksite and notifies you in real-time when site capacity is reached. Hubble’s A.I. technology also measures the distance between your personnel to enforce the Safe Distancing Measure (SDM) at your project sites.

Eliminate the risks of SMO/SDO non-compliances

Rest assured to always stay compliant, Hubble One helps track the number of active Safe Management Officers (SMOs) and Safe Distancing Officers (SDOs) at your worksites. The system triggers instant alerts when the number of SMO/SDO is lower than required by the BCA.

Pre-empt the risks of COVID outbreaks across your projects

Get an overview of healthy and sick workers across your projects, track your projects’ medical leaves and MC trends, including those with COVID-related symptoms, and monitor every worker’s AccessCode status at any time.

Always ensure compliance with BCA's requirements

Track all Safe Distancing Measure (SDM) breaches and rectifications, monitor workers’ daily health status report submission, track all workers’ AccessCode status and get key insights on projects, contractors and workers with most infringements – all on a single dashboard.

ALL your BCA compliance reports on a single platform

Hubble One helps auto-generate your BCA’s compliance reports, including Personnel Entering Site Report, Builder/ Occupier Daily Report, ePSS – in Excel or CSV formats.

Ensure contact tracing, enforce and monitor Safe Distancing Measures (SDM)

Track and manage all your projects’ remedial actions issued by the BCA’s Audit and Inspection (A&I) agency on a single platform.

Store your employees' health declaration records for an unlimited time

Hubble stores all your reports for an unlimited time to ensure your compliance with BCA’s A&I requirements. Being stored online, your employees’ daily health records and your reports at any time.

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We launched our whitelisting, monitoring management module, Hubble One to assist you with Covid-safe restart and operations