Hubble Productivity
Management System

Get the Most out of Each Day's Work

For precise construction productivity management.

Hubble Productivity is a project management software designed specifically for the construction site. Assign daily tasks to your manpower, track progress and view performance analytics data for all your workers, teams and trades.

Hubble gives you real-time information about the progress of your project sites, so it’s easy to make swift, data-driven decisions to streamline your construction schedule.

Essential solutions for an enhanced worksite productivity

No project is the same; we help anticipate the complexity of your projects, and increase the productivity of your workforce. Hubble Productivity is an ePSS-compatible project management system designed specifically for the construction industry.

Ensure construction schedules are met, without compromising quality and safety.

Track your project’s progress and performance in real time

Maximise workforce output, eliminate delays and avoid costly late delivery penalties. We tell you the progress of your project sites and highlight problems before they arise.

Monitor your project’s progress in real-time through our built-in data analytics and compare productivity across every project – be it weekly, monthly or even normalised over time.

Track completion status of all units in your project

We help you track your project down to the unit level.  You can include remarks and CONQUAS score at a per-unit level for a more detailed level of tracking and performance monitoring.

We help you compare productivity and progress across all projects

No project is the same – each with its own complexity. We help you to automate the normalisation of the Units of Measurement for all your projects to ensure that you have the right benchmark for comparison.

Assign daily tasks to your workers and keep them accountable

Empower each team and worker to set clear daily targets to be achieved. Planning ahead helps to improve productivity and reduce idling on site.

Plan, assign and verify tasks for your teams in advance to keep your workers accountable and empower your supervisors with data to plan and make better decisions.

Empowering your team and workers

Track the amount of work completed at the end of the day and measure the output against the targets on Hubble’s construction project management platform.

Always get accountable requests for overtime hours

Manage your workers’ OT hours on our platform, and rest assured to always receive accountable requests for overtime hours, justified by the verifiable productivity rate of your team and workers.

Rate and reward your best performing workers

Accurately gauge your workers’ performance at the end of each working day by comparing the amount of work done with the daily goals you set.

Evaluate your employees’ competency based on data

We help you track each of your workers’ output against their target to generate their productivity rate. Gauge your workers’ competency and performance individually and accurately based on man-hours per job type and job group.

Get detailed analytics of your workforce’s productivity

We help you to monitor your employees’ production output and trends, allowing you to identify top performers and those who fail to meet target.

Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses

Compare and rank your projects, teams and workers performance against your benchmark. Hubble Productivity Management System empowers your decision making by providing valuable insights into worker performance so you can know how to intervene and who to assign to what project in future.

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