Hubble Safety
Management System

Built for the Best Construction Safety Outcomes

Build with confidence. Hubble Safety has got your back.

We help you manage and monitor the safety of your project sites in real-time – any time, anywhere.

Streamline your Permit-to-Work (PTW), Incident Management, and Safety Inspection with the Hubble platform and automatically track safety data within a centralised database. Swiftly identify urgent issues and pre-empt future risks with instant insight into the safety records of workers, contractors, and projects.

Scalable construction safety management modules for small and large contractors

Hubble Safety Management System is the most advanced construction safety management system available for the industry. The technology is developed in very close collaboration with PUB, HDB, SP Group and LTA. Our system comes with plug-and-play modules that you can choose according to your specific operational needs:

Eliminate tedious Permit-to-Work paperwork, experience paperless PTW

Cut out paper PTW applications using the most advanced PTW module ever developed for the construction industry. Try it to believe.

Hubble Safety Management lets you manage all your Permit-to-Work (PTW) application on-the-go without compromising the stringent multi-step approval process. Our system also allows you to change and customise checklists and forms according to permit classes anytime you want.

Spend less time on paperwork, more time on construction work.

Ensure accuracy of your Permit-to-Work (PTW) records

Get the exact GPS location of each PTW to ensure accuracy of all your PTW applications. Our geospatial technology tracks the GPS location of each PTW application to ensure applicants are at the right place.

Let us help you detect incompatible and conflicting works

Hubble Safety Management tool allows you to prevent accidents from happening. The system detects incompatible work, map out exclusion/isolation zones, and flag out conflicting works that are happening close to each other.

Be safe, not sorry.

Create information-rich digital Permit-to-Work

By attaching photographs and pinning locations directly on uploaded floor plans. Hubble’s Permit-to-Work (PTW) module also allows you to maintain accountability with e-signatures and timestamps.

Streamline your process and shorten coordination time

Our real time mobile notifications instantly update contractors on the status of their PTW and cuts out costly delays – works better than WhatsApp!

Contractors whose permits have been approved can start work immediately, while those with permits rejected can promptly resubmit it.

Manage your PTW even without Internet connection

Access your PTW data any time, anywhere – even where an Internet connection is impossible or unavailable!

Remotely manage your worksite safety inspections on one app

Streamline and digitise your safety inspection process. Conduct safety inspections on-the-go and report issues for rectification.

Share locations and attached photographs of safety violations immediately and prevent them from becoming catastrophic accidents.

NCR issuance to strengthen standard and reduce safety risks

Non-conformity reporting and safety observations are great ways to critically examine your worksites, identify and record any hazards for corrective action.

Issue NCR on the go and reduce the incidences of costly stop work order and most importantly, protect your most valuable assets – your workforce – from any serious accidents.

Cultivate safety culture and enforce discipline at worksites

Implement regular housekeeping inspections to ensure workplace safety and maintain a high performance safety culture.

Put a stop to unsafe conduct, revoke PTW instantly

Through your Hubble web and mobile apps, instantly revoke active Permit-to-Works that do not satisfy Safety requirements.

Contractors will be instantly notified on their mobile devices, and can take immediate action to rectify the breach or to apply for another permit.

Impose fines on contractors in a safety breach

Hubble Safety Management System helps simplify the process of imposing and tracking fines.

Manage your safety inspections even with no Internet network

Access and manage your inspections 24/7 from anywhere, even when there is no internet connection.

Real-time safety incident management

Streamline and digitise your worksite safety incident management process with the Hubble Platform.

Our robust incident management system allows you to manage multiple types of health, safety, environmental incidents such as fatalities, injuries, lost time, first aid, health and welfare, near misses, and damage to property.

Track your incident status in real time and record witness statements and damage to equipment and upload photos or documents as evidence.

Best of all, get all information of the incidents from one centralised source. No more missing documents, no more filing nightmares, no more costly delays.

Ensure accuracy of worksites’ safety incident records

Get information-rich incident records by pinning the exact location of the safety incident.

Get to the root causes of accidents

Identify the direct causes of unsafe acts and conditions with our systematic 5-M model investigation process. Highlight any work process discrepancy and ensure it does not happen again.

Quickly assign corrective actions that is required and track the progress of assignee in real time.

Record Identified Gaps in OHS Management System

Strengthen your safety policies, systems and standards based on your incident records data.

Improve your safety processes based on incidents

Reflect and learn.

Incidents provide good learning experiences and these must be reflected upon to bring your organisation forward. Hubble helps you to record lessons learnt and improve processes. Incidents are costly. Prevent them from happening again.

Access your records any time, anywhere

Get access to your incident records even when internet connection is unavailable.

Predict worksite safety incidents and improve processes

Improve your worksites’ safety based on reliable data. Get real-time overview of all safety inspections and issues within your projects. Our powerful data analytics helps to quickly identify and address safety issues.

Identify abnormality quickly with data and assess your contractors safety records in a quantifiable and data-driven approach.

Get accurate insights on contractors safety performance

Know your contractors better than before. Gain full visibility on your contractors performance and assess your contractors safety records in a quantifiable and data-driven approach.

Generate your safety reports in one click

Generate safety reports and summaries to facilitate cross-management information sharing and decision-making. and progress claims. Export your data into either organised PDF or Excel-compatible file. The generated reports include Permit-to-Work summary, Incident reports and Safety Inspections.


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