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technology partner

Productivity Solution Grants with Hubble’s IMDA pre-approved Human
Resource Management (HRM) System.

Save up to 80%
with your Productivity Solution Grants

Valid until 31 March 2022

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Hubble Workforce Management System

Our HRM System is a pre-approved digital solution under IMDA SMEs Go Digital’s Productivity Solution Grants (PSG).

With up to 80% funding support, the PSG helps Singapore-based SME companies who are willing to improve their business processes, and enhance their company’s productivity on the long run by adopting selected IT solutions provided by leading technology partners.

IMDA’s pre-approved HRM System for
your company

Hubble is built for scalability. We develop plug-and-play solutions to meet all
your operational needs. Our solutions include:

Employee Database and Project Management

Attendance Tracking


Leave Management

Group 1765

Key Features

Attendance taking on mobile devices

GPS Geofencing and location tracking

Biometric Facial Recognition system

Dynamic shift settings for any type of overtime scenarios

Automated real-time normal and OT hours calculation

Fully integrated attendance and payroll system

Automated salary and allowances computation

Integration to iBanking, IR8A, and CPF

Real-time labour cost tracking and reporting

Reduce costs and improve your
productivity with us!

Within one year with Hubble, most of our customers observe:


Hours saved from manual admin work


Productivity increased


Reduction in latecomer rate


Savings from OT cost

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