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How to ease admin work and stay compliant with BCA COVID-Safe Restart Criteria

BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria’s goal is to ensure that worksites remained safe as construction restarted, but it also comes with a voluminous paper and administrative work. Hubble gathers some tips for you to ease the tedious tasks that come along with the compliance requirements.

Ensure compliance with BCA Restart Criteria requirements with Hubble construction software
by Darren , 11 November 2020


When the BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria was introduced, compliance requirements shifted into overdrive to ensure that worksites remained safe as construction restarted. But how does one keep up with the voluminous paper and administrative work? Thankfully, technology has come a long way in helping you in that aspect by easing up much of the tediousness that comes along with the compliance requirements.


#1 Automate to save time on your daily paper and administrative work

There are numerous tedious tasks and reports that your project team has to complete daily, which includes mandated reports (e.g. Builder/Occupier, Personnel Entering Site reports, MC and COVID-19 Declaration, and Daily Health Declaration Report) that have to be submitted in a strict and timely manner.

Digital systems (like Hubble ONE) seek to alleviate this problem by automating the collection, management, and storage of your COVID-control records. The ability to auto-generate other BCA’s mandated reports, such as the Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS), serves to ease the work of your administrative staff.

Having technology oversee these tasks enables you to work more efficiently while also helping you stay compliant with the BCA’s COVID-Safe Restart Criteria.

For more in-depth information regarding compliance, we have compiled a detailed comprehensive checklist for your reference.

Download BCA COVID Safe Restart technology compliance checklist

#2 Integrate with national systems

Keeping up to date with information and reports required for COVID-control compliance with numerous, different versions can get taxing, especially if you’re doing them manually.

A digital solution that is integrated with the BCA’s BuildSG-COVIDSafe Platform (CSP) will give you peace of mind as the information will be auto-synchronised with the national databases, but they aren’t many of these due to the strict data and security protocols from the government that limits the number of digital solutions being integrated.

Having a system that is integrated saves you time from doing double the work and you’ll be able to make wiser use of your time and be more efficient by focusing on your actual construction activities.

#3 Ease the access for your teams

Digital solutions aim to ensure easy access for users through friendly usage for your clients, project team, workers, visitors, and administrators when it comes to collecting and gathering data. We believe that technology within the area of construction management needs to be straightforward, effective, and has to be operated with minimal effort. 

User experience is another important factor with these digital solutions. A complicated system would only serve to generate more questions than answers, whereas a simple and easy-to-use system will be more welcomed and popular in its usage.

As for the usage in managing Safe Management Measures (SMM), construction software – like the Hubble ONE system – should be able to support:

  • Streamlined Worksite Access Control to prevent Covid-19 positive workers from entering your worksites
  • Remote monitoring of Safe Distance Measures using A.I. camera and Bluetooth wearables to prevent overcrowding and cross-zonings of workers on site
  • Developers are able to use our project dashboard to quickly screen through manpower history across all your project sites
  • Workers are allowed to self-report their health status and to declare medical certificates.
  • Visitors can check-in/out digitally.
  • Project Admins are able to auto-generate reports.

#4 Stay compliant, with reduced efforts

Effectiveness and efficiency within management are constantly being sought out by everybody. It may be hard to navigate amidst a vast sea of technology companies, but we’re here to let you know that our Hubble One system will be able to offer:

  • Worker’s Whitelisting Capability ensures that only healthy & authorised personnel are permitted at your worksite
  • Movement and Access Control ensures that project sites and workers are COVID-safe and denies access to employees with Red Access codes.
  • Safety Distancing Monitoring helps enforce Safe Distance Measures at your worksites at all times
  • Visitor Management allows you to minimise physical contact by digitally manage visitors’ registration and records 
  • Project Insights gives you full command and control over your projects. Pre-empt the risks of non-compliance.
  • COVIDSafe-Restart Reporting allows you to auto-generate BCA’s mandated reports (e.g. Builder/ Occupier report, Personnel Entering Site reports, ePSS)


We believe that technology can transform the construction management scene by getting rid of tedious paper and administrative work through digitalisation and automation.


(Hubble ONE is a CSP-integrated system. We are able to help ensure that you stay constantly compliant with the BCA’s COVIDSafe Restart Criteria as a whole and that the process will be both effective and efficient. If you wish to learn more, feel free to schedule a free product demo with us now!)


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