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Back to NewsroomBoustead Projects and Hubble Team Up to Deliver High-Quality Razer Headquarters in Singapore
February 27, 2023By Belle Sie

Boustead Projects and Hubble Team Up to Deliver High-Quality Razer Headquarters in Singapore

Razer, a global lifestyle brand for gamers, collaborated with Boustead Projects, a specialist in real estate solutions, to construct their new headquarters in Singapore. Boustead Projects recognised the need for a robust quality management system to uphold their high standards for the project. The construction project had a budget of US$100 million, and the 7-floor technological hub spans approximately 200,000 square feet of gross floor area, including 80,000 square feet across three floors, designated for office use, design studios, and research and development (R&D) laboratories.

After evaluating several options, Boustead Projects selected Hubble's quality management system to manage the project. Hubble's system provided Boustead Projects with a suite of tools to ensure quality at every project stage, from pre-construction planning to post-construction analysis. Hubble's real-time quality issue tracking and management was a key feature that Boustead Projects found particularly beneficial. This enabled Boustead Projects to promptly identify and address quality issues during construction, maintaining high standards and preventing costly delays.

Additionally, as Boustead Projects utilised the Hubble Quality Management System for this construction project, they experienced a significant reduction of overdue defects from 69% to 7% upon project completion. This impressive improvement is a clear example of how embracing innovative technology can positively impact construction projects.

Throughout the project, Hubble's quality management system helped Boustead Projects maintain a high level of quality and safety. The system enabled Boustead Projects to identify and resolve critical findings before they become major issues, helping to prevent delays and reduce the risk of safety incidents.

Thanks to the success of the Razer HQ project, Boustead Projects has continued to use Hubble's quality management system for their ongoing construction projects. With Hubble's system, Boustead Projects is able to ensure that their projects meet their high standards for quality, safety, and efficiency.

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