Hubble Workforce Management System

Custom Built Construction HR Software

Managing your workforce has never been easier.

With real-time visibility of your workforce’s attendance and deployment across all work sites, Hubble Workforce Management System helps you to improve efficiency and increase accountability.

Say goodbye to messy paperwork and say hello to a Smart Worksite!

Hubble Workforce Management System

Scalable Construction HRM Modules

We provide you with real- time command and control of your manpower any time, anywhere. Hubble Workforce Management System comes with 5 powerful modules for your construction human resource management tasks, providing you with a fully integrated, end-to-end experience.

Know where your workers are in real time

Hubble’ GPS Geofencing Technology allows you to eliminate off-site sign-ins.

Define your project site boundaries, and rest assured that your workers are physically present at the correct site.

We track your workers’ GPS location and timestamp when they sign-in to project sites, and flag out when workers sign-in outside of their assigned project sites.

Eliminate time thefts and buddy sign-ins

Verify your worker’s identity with our state-of-the-art Biometric Facial Recognition System on any smartphone device. No expensive hardware required!

The system is also integratable to your existing biometric turnstiles.

Track your workers’ normal and OT hours in real time

We help you manage and reduce your overtime cost. Our precise time and attendance tracking system also allows you to easily retrieve your projects’ Construction Productivity Data for the submission of your ePSS to BCA.

Accurate Tracking of Normal and Overtime Hours

Construction scheduling and OT management made easy

Optimise your manpower allocation with customisable shift. Get real-time update of your workers’ basic and accumulated OT hours. We help you to automate the calculation of overtime hours, and monitor the OT cap to help you ensure compliance with regulations.

Gain greater control and visibility over your greatest assets today. Companies who adopt Hubble sees an immediate improvement in punctuality.

Scheduling and Deployment

Reduce latecomers by up to 500%!

Improve your workforce’s accountability. We track your workers for you, flag out latecomers, and generate daily attendance reports in real time. Our customers observe immediate improvement in punctuality rate across all projects.

Punctuality Report - Latecomers will be flagged out

Optimise your manpower allocation

With our customisable dynamic shift & scheduling system. Create any types of shifts you need, and gain greater control and visibility over your greatest assets – your people.

Scheduling and Deployment

Fully automated and configurable payroll system

Say goodbye to time cards, punch cards, excel sheets, and your calculators!

We automate all types of salary computation to allow you to pay accurately and 100% free from human errors. Our fully automated and and configurable payroll processing system handles all your overtime hours calculation.

Pay your workers with confidence based on accurate basic, overtime, and break times hours. We will also help to automate the pro-rating of salary based on your configured shift type and salary rate.

Real Time Automated Salary Computation

Configurable payroll cycle to suit all your needs

Our fully configurable system allows you to pay basic and overtime salary separately, make advance payment and define your own payroll cycle.

Never worry about making costly non-compliance errors. Hubble’s payroll module comes with automated CPF computation & e-Submission and is able to export IR8A online submission to IRAS (AIS compatible).

Configure any Payroll Cycle

Reduce labour cost with reliable and transparent payments

With full automation, we help you to eliminate human errors and dishonest workforce behaviour and reduce your labour cost by up to *$300,000 per year

*for a company with 200 workers

Customise Any Salary Types with Rates Configurations

Create custom rates for allowances and deductions

Create your custom rates based on your company’s payroll policies and process – all in compliance with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulation!

Automate your recurring allowances and deductions. We also allow you to customise your allowances and deductions for CPF, OW, AW, and taxation.

Loans and advance payment all on one platform

Give loans or make advance payment to your workers based on your company’s policies and process.

Give Loans, Make Advance Payments

Integration to CPF, IRAS and all major Interbank Giro

Payroll management has never been easier. Hubble’s fully automated payroll system also helps you to ensure full compliance with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulation.

Integration to CPF, IRAS (AIS Compatible), and Interbank Giro

Easy leave management system

Manage and track your employees’ leave digitally and experience paperless leave management. Customise leaves, approve, or reject your employees’ leave applications on the go. Get real-time notification and email alert for applications and track your workers’ leave balances in real time on our web and mobile apps.

Convenient leave application & approval

Automated salary calculation with integration to payroll system

Auto-synchronise leaves to salary calculation. Hubble’s leave management system is fully integrated with the payroll system to automate the pro-rating of salary computation based on the Ministry of Manpower’s standard and regulation.

Configure any Payroll Cycle

Automated leave based on standard MOM regulation

Automate the computation of leave entitlements such as Maternity leave, Childcare etc. in accordance to the Ministry of Manpower regulations.

Customise your leave policy any way you want

Need to customise your leave approval process and leave types? We’ve got you covered. Customise your leave application and approval process to suit you company and its different departments’ needs.

The Hubble leave system is fully integrated with the payroll system, allowing you to automate the pro-rating of salary computation.

Structure leave approval system to suit your company’s leave process

Hubble’s leave management system allows you to create your leave approval structures. Leave approvers also get notified in real-time when multiple personnels are on leave during the date of the submitted application.

Forecast your manpower needs accurately

Things get dynamic on the worksite and you need all the information you can get to plan ahead. Use a flexible system that can keep up with you. Analyse, plan & schedule your workforce with ease using Hubble. Identify leave trends overtime and take proactive steps to plan your worksites’ manpower requirements accurately.

Cloud-based employee database

Get your workers’ information on demand 24/7. With everything stored in the cloud, you’ll never have to worry about losing documents or lacking access to information whenever you need it.

Cloud-based Employee Database

Store employees’ documents on a secured platform

Upload and organise each employee’s supporting files such as Work Permit, Skills certificates, licences.

Track expiry date of important documents such as Work Permit and Passpor

Track expiry date of your employees’ important documents

Get notified before your workers important documents such as Work Permit, Passport, licences or skills certificates expire and reduce fines payments.

Evaluate your employees competency accurately with Scorecard

Get deep insights of your worker’s performances, skills and character based on real time collected data from our platform such as task proficiency, safety hazard compliance, attendance and much more.


Track and monitor your labour cost in real time

Keep you construction project’s costs on track. Getting real-time reliable and verifiable project costing information allows you to reduce cost and make payments accurately. Get an overview of your labour cost across all your worksites based on actual working hours incurred and view all your direct and ancillary costs.

Real Time Labour Cost Tracking with Configurable Cost Variable

Understand your cost and OT hours

Gain better understanding of your cost and get an overview of your daily labour cost with detailed visualisation on normal and OT hours incurred, and view all your direct and ancillary costs instantly.

Breakdown of Overtime Hours

Generate accurate cost reports

Generate reports to facilitate cross-management sharing and decision-making. Export workforce data into organised, excel-compatible reports including: Average work hours and overtime clocked; Labour Costs by Trade/Team/Project and Workforce Allocations (for each project site).

Generate Detailed Cost Report

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