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Transforming cities, Empowering lives.

Build better, faster, safer and cost-effective with our construction management software. Learn how to digitise and automate your construction worksite workflows.

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Hubble.Build raises S$12.85m in Series B funding to expand its construction management platform solution

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Construction Management Simplified

Construction Management Simplified

Complete your work 3x faster by digitising, streamlining and automating your construction management workflows.

Track 100% of the activities and actions digitally for accountability and auditability.

Power your Next-Generation Smart Worksites with Data

Power your Next-Generation Smart Worksites with Data

Build predictability into your construction projects with real-time data insights. Manage all your construction projects in one platform and share your project data in a common data environment.

Customised and deployed within 30 days

Customised and deployed within 30 days

Easily customise construction management workflows and dashboards that match your clients' specifications. Eliminate the hassle of building up an initial version of construction management software that is buggy and costly.

Boost field collaboration and improve office-worksite connectivity

Boost field collaboration and improve office-worksite connectivity

Break Down Communication and Data Silos. Keep everyone on the same page. Create trust among stakeholders by connecting them and sharing project data on a single platform.

Good Construction is sustainable construction

Building with the Environment in Mind

All the Construction Management Software you need on One Platform.

Do more with less. Scale up your construction operations with technology. Optimize and improve the efficiency of your manpower, machinery, material, and money.

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Full construction management software suite to empower cross-team collaboration

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Manage project cost from pre-tender to post-tender phase

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Move your construction project forward

Track Progress and Keep Teams on Schedule

Manage and track multiple project milestones on one construction management platform. Maintain accurate production, delivery, and installation schedules across all worksites and identify critical paths.

22% of all construction projects

are delivered more than 250 days late with 13% delayed by at least a year.

Stay within budget

A dollar saved is more than a dollar earned

Control your project expenses with real time actionable insights. Manage your cash flow and payment risk to identify potential cost overrun ahead of time.

30% of building materials

delivered to a construction site can end up as waste and cost of construction materials have soared to a 40-year high.

When you gamble with safety, you bet with your life

Zero compromise towards safety, equals zero lives lost

Enable a safer work environment with technology. When work stops, costs don’t. Prevent costly stop work orders due to accidents on sites. Keep everyone on your team accountable to a safety first culture and ensure a productive and safe worksite.

> $170 billion total workplace injury cost in the United States

and workers’ compensation claims for nonfatal falls account for $2.5 billion annually

Track the defects rate of your project

Ensure quality workmanship for all projects

Keep your contractors and workers accountable. Reduce costly rework and abortive work by enforcing a structured digital quality assurance program.

Up to 10% of the overall Contract Value

are spent on reworks

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear what our customers have to say about our Construction Management Platform

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Global Scale

The backbone for construction projects

For forward thinking companies that want to go digital, Hubble helps you to transform and digitise your worksites within 30 days. We are a global company with a hyper localised approach. Discover how your construction project management can be made easier with the right tools and software with Hubble. We ensure that every of our construction management software is tailor fit to your needs.

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