Hubble Quality
Management System

Ensure Standards and Build with Excellence

One-stop solution for construction quality management

Don’t let defects put a dent in your project schedule. Digitise your quality management and inspection processes with us, and cut out unnecessary administrative delays. 

Manage all defects and non-conformities reported on-site with ease and ensure that rectification works are completed on time.

Powerful system for better construction quality management

Hubble is built for scalability. We develop plug-and-play solutions to meet all your operational needs – making our tools field-ready. Hubble Quality Management System is comprised of 3 powerful modules:

Manage quality defects in real time

We understand how important it is to be able to know at a glance all the defects across all your project sites, now you can view all defects at a glance. 

Supervisors on the ground can submit defect reports on the go through our mobile application, eliminating paper forms. Indicate locations of defects and attach photographs of defects onto the digital floor plan.

Quality #1

Monitor defects and rectification works in real time

Assign defects and set deadlines for rectification works to specific workers or subcontractors.

They will be instantly notified on their mobile devices with timestamped, allowing for rectification work to commence immediately without delays.

Get real-time information on the status of all defects across your project worksites to approve submissions and rectification works immediately.

Quality 1

Systematic rectification, review and approval process

Our comprehensive audit trail tracks submission and rectification history for every defect.

Our automated push notifications also remind your contractors and workers to rectify defects quickly, making project delays a thing of the past.

Quality #3

For transparency and accountability

Assign defects and set deadlines to specific workers or contractors for rectification. Back charge underperforming contractors and track the amount in real time for your quantity surveyor team.

Keep everyone accountable and ensure your building is of the highest quality.


Create precise quality defect reports

Create information-rich quality issue reports by putting pins at multiple locations on the project’s floor plan through our mobile application.

Description of the quality issues and associated photos can be added for better clarity. The form also allows digital signatures for both applicants and approvers.

Quality 5

Access your records any time, anywhere

Get access to your incident records even when internet connection is unavailable.

Projects that have stringent control on mobile devices or below ground level can leverage on this offline mode and carry out work as usual.

Offline mode

Conduct quality inspections in real time

Accelerate your inspection processes. Streamline and digitise your quality inspection process to eliminate paperwork and increase accountability. Our web and mobile apps let you manage your inspections on the go.

Quality 4

Accelerate your inspection and RFWIs processes

Submit request for work inspections (RFWIs) on the go and assign the person to conduct the inspection. Sign-off digitally for additional accountability.

Relevant parties will receive instant, time-stamped notification, allowing for rectification work to commence immediately with zero delays.

Quality #8

Track and monitor all inspection progress on one app

Instantly identify your worksites’ quality inspection bottleneck and optimise on-site operations – all on a single app.

Quality #9

Create precise Request for Work Inspections (RFWIs)

Attach multiple photographs and location pins to better illustrate your request. Our flexible system also supports floor plan zoning to enable greater precision in inspection and reduce instances of miscommunication.

Create information-rich applications with details that are automatically captured into a central database – the Hubble Platform.

Quality 5

Ensuring compliance to your project requirements

Configure your workflow to match your projects quality requirements. Our system allows you to create any workflows or checklists, and carry out necessary modifications whenever the needs.

Create customised content based on your requirements at no additional cost.

Create forms according to your inspection requirements

Our dynamic form builder lets you customise and update forms according to the requirement of your quality inspections.

Standard questions on the form can be added and edited to suit your requirements. Your form as seen on our platform is basically a digital replicate of your paper form.

Quality #12

Get key insights of your PTW, inspections and incidents

Unlock value from your defects and inspection data to make data-driven decisions.

Derive actionable insights by understanding your defect frequency across different project sites and subcontractors, and compare against different time periods.


Enforce quality standards and assess contractors accurately

We help you flag out abnormalities at your project sites, such as sudden spike in defect frequency, and notify you to make further investigation.

Identify and compare the best workers and contractors with the lowest defect frequency and fastest rectification time. Assess your subcontractors’ quality performance based on data gathered on-field and compare based on different time periods to create company benchmarks for future projects.


Generate safety reports in just a click

Generate you reports to facilitate cross-management sharing and decision-making. Export quality data into organised PDF or Excel reports, including comprehensive defect report per project and quality inspections.


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